Increase in Natural Yield in Agriculture

Since most vegetable seeds are sensitive to acidic pH, Neutral Anolite is used as a disinfectant in practice. (Except cereal seeds)
The seeds are kept in the Neutral Anolyte for ½ hour (pH 6-8.5, ORP value 700-850 mV and free active Chlorine 0.03-0.5%). This can be done at any time prior to planting.
+ After that, the seeds are kept in the Catholite (6 to 12 hours) (ORP value between 350 and 500 mV in the range of pH 8.5-9). This should be done just before planting.
+ After the application of Anolite and Catholite as described, the seeds are dried and ready for sowing.

Reported benefits
+ Seeds have been disinfected safely.
+ Harvest time is shortened by 10-25%.
+ The amount of harvested crop increased between -25.

Irrigation of Vegetables
The following benefits have been reported in irrigation with ECO water instead of normal water. (The comparison is based on the normal water-soaked product.
+ Disinfection with irrigation is done in the process.
+ Growth is faster and yield increases.
+ Resistance to weeds, darkening, fungus and various parasitic diseases increases.
+ Product quality increases.
+ Without fertilizer the yield increases by -25.