Hydrogen Peroxide İs Not Disinfectant

HYDROGEN-PEROXIDE is not a disinfectant solution,
Hydrogen-peroxide is a good flushing material with some biocide properties.
Disinfection with hydrogen peroxide can not be done completely and effectively in any way.

Other than hydrogen-peroxide:
+ Toxic and special precautions should be taken even during the usage.
+ It is not durable, it can be stored under special conditions in direct sunlight and in places protected from heat
+ Alkali materials are very sensitive and if the environment is alkaline, it is degraded and its usage is limited
+ Some pathogens against Clostridium tetani (Bacillus tetani). It is not effective.
+ It causes allergy when used.

The main differences between anolyte and Hydrogen-peroxide, however, are basically Hydrogen-peroxide is not a disinfectant and can not be used in various disinfecting applications.
It can not be correct to compare Hydrogen-peroxides with Anolide from the above-mentioned reasons.
Anolite and Hydrogen-peroxide are products of various lanes.