Anolite Uses Both Very Economical and High Yield in Silage Process

The use of Acidic Anolite in Silage prevents effective disinfection and silage breathing without any harmful side effects to the product, unlike other chemicals used, thus avoiding the loss of beneficial vitamins due to high temperatures. This ensures high yield of high quality feed.

In this way, animals fed with the feed protected with the Neutral Anolyte can achieve an average B increase in the milk yield and in the weights of the young animals.
The green fodder:
Crude protein i, crude fat H, phosphorus P, calcium c, carotene 0, amino acids "increased, Rurubet @, crude cellulose%, sugar @, lysine 5% decreased, general feed nutritional value increased.

Conventional silage applications made with organic acids usually produce 4 Eurets for 1 ton of product. The cost of application with Anolite is only 0.04 Eure.
The other side is the environment pollution by the traditional chemical substances silage and the environment and these chemicals are poisoned by the practitioners and the environment is an environmentally friendly product that can be safely used because it is environmentally friendly and can be used as feed for at least 2-3 months after the application of traditional chemical silage applied silages. While Anolite can be used as feed for a short time after application.

Application: 15-20 liters of Anolit spray is applied to the feed layer in 20 cm thickness of beaker