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Ekobiyo About

Founder Mennan Aysan Kuzanlı graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Chemical Engineering in 1962. After working in Germany for a while, he worked in the pharmaceutical sector in engineering and management stages such as Bayer, Roche and Nobel until 1986 and then worked as a representative of General Electric White goods department He made it until 2000. In 2001, he began to do amateurish research in order to learn the answer of the question "How can you live healthier in a healthier environment?" He decided to share as much as possible the experiences of Kuzanli, who observed and developed positive developments in his own health, thoughts and feelings. Everyone who spoke about Alkali Ionize Water, which was almost never spoken in Turkey until then, tried to explain and introduce it by giving press and TV and conferences.

In 2005, it became institutionalized and took part in the group which was named "thelifeco" and introduced the purification principles and practices required for body, mind and mental health, both at home and abroad.

In 2007, a book titled "Secrets of Staying Young with Alkaline Water", published by Mozaik Publishing with Dr.Recai Yahyaoğlu.
In 2008, "How are we poisoned? How to be protected "was published by Dharma Publishing. At the end of 2008, Envirolyte Industries International Ltd., which is the leader in the ecological world, is going to carry out the world-wide experience and practices of environment protection and production with the "eco-bio" firm that is established with Ömer Kuzanlı, a successful financing expert, Decided to apply.

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